The World's First Gender-Neutral Sex Toy

Listen up, everyone, because this is important: The world’s first gender neutral sex toy is here, and it’s possibly the most important thing to happen to your bedroom (or kitchen, or sofa, or wherever you like to get it on) since you discovered what sex is. Ladies and gents, meet sex toy manufacturer PicoBong’s newest offering, the Transformer: A sex toy flexible enough to be used in as many ways as you can imagine — and a whooooole lot more.

The Transformer consists of two vibrator heads at either end of a flexible body, such that you can bend it into any shape you want. Said PicoBong Head of Marketing, Mauricio Garcia, to The Frisky, “There are toys for singles, for couples for men and for women, but never before has anyone created a toy for everyone. The Transformer aims to awaken sexual exploration and make people realize they don’t need to be confined by the labels placed on them.”

And that, I think, is possibly the most important thing about the Transformer: It represents a way of viewing sex and sexuality that’s good for everyone. It focuses not on one type of person, or on one specific sexual orientation, or one piece of anatomy; it’s for everyone and anyone, to be used wherever and in whichever way you and your partner (or just you, if you’re taking it for a solo run) think will be the most enjoyable. It’s all-inclusive. It doesn’t judge. And it really does look like a good time.

Even its product description speaks of freedom, rather than confinement:

“It´s a rabbit vibe, a clitoral massager, a cock-ring, a G-spot stimulator, a prostate massager and more. It’s perfect for her, him, her & him, him & him, her & her, and every other combination possible. It’s a double-ended vibrator. Or a vibrating double-ended dildo. Whatever you prefer, we’re not too fussy about labels.”

The sentiment expressed by Garcia is also reflected in the toy’s manifesto — because of course it has a manifesto. It’s geared towards breaking down sexual barriers and presenting the idea of a world without labels. Although some might think a manifesto for a sex toy might be taking it a little too far, I actually think it’s perfect: Revolutions pretty much all have manifestos, and I do think we’re in need of another sexual revolution — or, hopefully, already right in the middle of one.

Curious? A video (which, by the way, is slick and hip and not at all cheesy — a pleasant change from most sex toy demonstration videos) offers a few suggestions on how to use the Transformer, including:

The Corkscrew

“For him and her.”

Double Trouble

“Cheek to cheek.” (I see what you did there, Transformer.)

The Rabbit Vibe

“Inside and out.” Also, insert obligatory Sex and the City reference here.

The Lotus

“Face to face.”

Pretty much everything you need to know about the company itself can be summed up in the words of its “solemn oath”: Reads the PicoBong “About” page, “We promise to marinate you in wit, shock you with a risqué sense of humor, and keep you on your toes with an endless cache of innovation.” That's exactly what good sex should be as far as I'm concerned. Anyone else?

Check out the whole video below, and head on over to PicoBong to snag one of your own:

Images: Welcome to PicoBong Media/YouTube (5); Gifriffic