'Breaking Bad' Stills Give Some Hints

The bad news is, we still have no clue what to really expect in next week's episode of Breaking Bad, "Ozymandias." We know that it's the episode creator Vince Gilligan declared the best of the entire series, and during an episode of Talking Bad, said "You are gonna gaze upon Walt's works, and despair" — but what does that mean? The trailer was also vague as hell and offered no new scenes from next week's episode, just a clip of Skyler's voicemail on Walt's phone that she leaves as he's busy watching Hank, Gomie, and Jesse meet their potential deaths at the hands of a firing squad led by Todd's uncle. We don't even know if they survive! We know less than Jon Snow, probably!

Luckily, AMC has released two — count 'em, two — stills from next week's sure-to-be epic episode, probably in an effort to make us all go crazy trying to pick out any clues before Sunday rolls around. There really isn't much to pick up, except that Skyler looks mega-distressed with her overnight bag and Holly as she's looking around the house. Perhaps she's running somewhere? Or is that just a diaper bag? In Walt's picture, he looks a little dirty and is standing a couple of feet about street-level, but overall, that doesn't tell much.


Also check out the promo for "Ozymandias" below, if you haven't already.

[Images via AMC]