Happy Thursday! Here's Your Serial Theory Roundup

by Kristie Rohwedder

Thursday morning, I woke up to the following text message from one of my best friends: “Let us know when you’re done. I don't even know what to believe anymore.” Within seconds, my other best friend text-added, “Get ready to have your world turned upside down." On any other day, these messages would've terrified me, but being that it was Thursday, I knew that they were reacting to the eighth episode of mega-popular podcast Serial. Episode 8, titled "The Deal with Jay", zeroes in on Jay, the star witness in the state's case against Adnan Syed. Throughout the latest chapter, Sarah Koenig digs into the question that's been on the forefront of many listeners' minds since the very first episode: What is the deal with Jay?

As the theme music queued up at the end of the episode, I was right there with my friends. "I dunno what to think now," I text-said.

After I'd text-chatted with my buddies about what had and hadn't come to light over the course of the newest installment, I immediately hopped on Twitter. I wanted to hear what the Tweeple had to say post-ep!

...Y'all. There are so many theories out there. Don't mind me as I shrug my shoulders on repeat.

Lots of theories/questions about Jay:

Especially about Chris's anecdote about the friendly stabbing incident:

Lots of theories/questions about Stephanie:

Lots of theories about Adnan:

Lots of questions about that rat-eating frog:

And a theory/question about Best Buy:

*Spends the remainder of afternoon researching rat-eating frogs.*