11 Cheesy Recipes To Make Sure This Is The Best Thanksgiving You've EVER HAD

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Good news, everyone. We’re rapidly approaching the best holiday of the calendar year. Thanksgiving is a day to get together with your fave humans, take a moment to appreciate all the wonderful things you have, and then stuff yourself silly until your pants bust, you begin experiencing “the meat sweats,” and then you drift into a drool-filled nap while sitting up straight in a chair that no longer fits you. It’s the best. Add a few cheesy Thanksgiving recipes, and it's even better.

Because if there's any way to make this amazing day even more glorious than it already is, it's cheese. All the cheese. Cheese is such a wonderful, edible creation because it can be added to virtually any dish without making said dish taste weird. In fact, cheese always brings a recipe to the top of its taste-game. And here’s how you can have an entire Thanksgiving feast where every dish (even the desserts) include cheese.

Image: A Beautiful Mess

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