Pizza & Mexican Food Just Got Married

What if — now hold on to your britches, kids — what if an international eatery married pizza with mexican food? Because high-end tastemaker Pizza Hut New Zealand has launched burrito and quesadilla pies, which Eater is calling “disastrous,” and which none of us should think to put in or around our respective mouths. And why shouldn't you eat this? Because this concept is neither novel nor looks particularly appetizing, and because its signature "burrito sauce" sounds like an ominously prescient telling of events to come post-consumption (sorry, everyone).

Anyway, Pizza Hut is calling this its “Mexican Flavor Fiesta” menu, a name as authentic sounding as each of its three dishes look. “While the Burrito Pizza just comes with somewhat normal toppings,” reports Brand Eating, “the Ultimate Mexican Pizza comes topped with tortilla chips and the Quesadilla has two pizza crusts sandwiching the toppings in the middle.” They were also kind enough to include a menu for us:

- The Burrito Pizza is topped with mild chili beans, burrito sauce, onion, red bell peppers, jalapenos, chili flakes, mozzarella

- The Ultimate Mexican Pizza comes with tortilla chips, mild chili beans, onion, red bell peppers, jalapenos, tomato, burrito sauce, chili flakes, and mozzarella.

- The Quesadilla Pizza features two crust with beef, onion, jalapeno, burrito sauce, chili flakes, and mozzarella in between them.

Below is a picture of this unfortunate event. And remember: when fawning over the idea of combining your all of your favorite foods, please visualize the physical repercussions of burrito sauce.

Image: Pizza Hut NZ/Facebook