DC's 'Batwoman' Saga Continues With New Writer

After J.H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman walked out of Batwoman last week due to DC Comics' wedding ban getting in the way of their plans for Kate Kane and her partner Maggie Sawyer, the company drew a lot of flack from the media. Whether that flack revolved around the company not allowing two women to marry or not allowing any of their characters to marry depends very much on where you look. No matter the scandal, however, the comics industry must forge on, and so it has: DC has hired Marc Andreyco as Batwoman 's next head writer, and it just so happens he's a gay man.

Like I said above, it really depends on who you ask whether or not the Batwoman marriage issue was anti-gay in any way. DC swears it wasn't, and that they just won't let Kane marry Sawyer because heroes getting their happy endings just isn't how they're rolling in the New 52; Williams and Blackman made sure to note when discussing the issue on Twitter that they, too, don't think the decision was influenced by the character's sexuality. In fact, DC's New 52 has actually been pretty LGBT-inclusive since its 2011 launch, with Batwoman itself being honored with multiple GLAAD awards.

Nevertheless, there's no doubt DC's recent marriage decision has ruffled some feathers amongst those concerned about LGBT representation.

Now, DC has hired Andreyco — the writer behind the Manhunter series — to head up the series when Williams and Blackman make their official exit. It'd be a complete disservice to Andreyco to even circle around the implication that DC hired him because of his sexuality, so let's not even go there. He's a talented guy. And he seems pretty psyched (and nervous) to have the gig.

[Images: The Huffington Post, Comics Alliance]