A Lisa Vanderpump Housewares Wishlist

Sick and tired of presenting microwavable egg rolls to your guests on a non-glamourous serving tray? Have no fear, for a sneak peek of Lisa Vanderpump’s home accessories collection is here! Part of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star’s housewares line is now available for purchase (according to the Pop Culture Living website, the rest "will launch mid-November"). When I saw those preview photos of the wares back in October, I immediately wanted a set of those pink coasters. I still want those coasters... aaaaaand everything else that's part of the Vanderpump Beverly Hills Collection.

The holidays and my birthday are approaching, so it seems totally reasonable to make a wish list. The first draft of my list included all of the Vander-items currently for sale on Pop Culture Living's website, but that seemed kind of unreasonable. So, I narrowed my list down to my five favorite things.

Kristie's Vanderpump Beverly Hills Collection Wishlist*

  1. St. Tropez Coasters—Pink Price: $29Features: These coasters "add glitter, sparkle and shine to any décor."Why these made the list: It was love at first sight for the coasters and me.
  2. Price: $225Features: It's a "stunning serving piece."Why it made the list: I gotta have it in my life. I'm not a wine or champagne gal, but I could totally find a use for this gorgeous bucket.
  3. Ravello Cheese SetPrice: $49Features: This set of utensils "adds a unique look to your collection of serving sets."Why it made the list: The only thing that can make cheese better is a set of really fancy cheese accessories.
  4. Infinity Bowl (Large) — SilverPrice: $49Features: This bowl "sets the standard for setting an elegant table."Why it made the list: Dude. DUDE. I could fit so much cereal in this thing.
  5. Venetian Vase (Large)Price: $14Features: The vase is "a lovely classic vessel."Why it made the list: I always talk about wanting to keep fresh flowers in my apartment. This vase could really motivate me to make that happen. This vase could change me for the better.

*This list is subject to change when the rest of the line is released.