21 Last Minute Beauty Gifts For The Makeup Maven In Your Life, Because Everyone Loves A Good Lipstick

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No matter how much pre-planning you do, there is always, always the chance that you will procrastinate, sticking yourself last-minute holiday shopping to do this holiday season.

If you are not like me, which'd mean you are not the type to go "F--k it, everyone's getting a gift card so they can buy whatever they want," don't fret. No need to have a total mall meltdown in front of Old Navy. Although I do suggest indulging in a gooey, sticky Cinnabon after you buy your last gift.

This handy gift guide boasts 20 last-minute beauty gifts you can nab for pretty much anyone, whether they're makeup obsessed or just starting out. No matter what age range or style of gal you are shopping for, this guide has something for everyone.

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