Brand New 'Fifty Shades' Trailer Is Here!

Ever since it was announced, the world has lived in anticipation of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie — eager or otherwise. And now there is a brand new Fifty Shades of Grey trailer that debuted as promised during Scandal. Because our Thursday nights needed to be that much crazier I guess.

Considering that the last trailer was actually good and even featured an exclusive remix of “Crazy in Love” by Beyoncé, expectations were high for this new trailer. After all, when the first trailer came out, most people were still pretty convinced that, given the source material, there was no way that this could ever be a halfway decent movie. I mean, even beyond the ridiculous dialogue, most of the book is devoted to gratuitous, graphic, and occasionally just laughable sex scenes — you know, the kind of stuff that normally only gets committed to film if you’re filming a porno.

Questions still remain, of course, as to how they’re going to pull off this film, and those questions will keep on coming right up until the first public screenings, but as of tonight, it seems they are at least not shying away from the sex, given how many sexual(ish) shots were included in the trailer. Which is good since the story without the sex is pretty...let's just say lacking.

Other than a few extra shots of the protagonists in states of undress and compromising positions, the trailer also features another Beyoncé song, this time "Haunted" off of her new album which may be an even bigger endorsement than Jamie Dornan's abs. Beyoncé rules all.

Other highlights from this trailer include a glimpse of what presumably is Christian Grey's sex contract, more shots of his BDSM sex room (the infamous "Red Room of Pain"), and endless reminders that this film is coming out on Valentine's Day because supposedly it's romantic.

Plus, given the final shots, I'm assuming the trailer is actively trying to seduce its potential audience right through the screens.