The Book Gifts That Even Booksellers Want for the Holidays

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When books are your job, the last thing you're likely to put on your holiday wish list is another book. I can speak from experience, and so can the staffers of the great Strand Bookstore in Union Square, New York. (Have you ever been? They have books for miles. 18 of them.)

But sometimes, there are exceptions — books that are so good, even someone who spends her days surrounded by walls and walls of books wants, even needs to own. 2014 has been a great year for bookstore-dwellers, so I wanted to know: What books are so gift-worthy this season that even a bookseller would want 'em?

Eight fantastic ladies and gents from The Strand gave me a peek at the top pick on their holiday book wishlists. Take a cue for your own gifting — or get some ideas for yourself.

Image: scatto_felino/flickr

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