Don't Have Cable? Watch These New Web Shows

Yes, the excitement of new fall network TV premieres is just around the corner. But not everyone has cable, or a Hulu Plus subscription, or HBO GO, or even someone else's Netflix account to bum off of. But never fear, cable-less ones, the Internet solves all problems. There are new shows premiering online this fall that anyone can watch for free, and unlike shows on network cable, they won't take up more than a few minutes of your time. Web shows also often feature new talent before it hits the big(ger) screen, and you'll never have to illegally download shows and/or get an obnoxious computer virus. So go ahead — watch 12 episodes of a show that you won't actually feel bad about binging on.

The Web Series: Ghost Girls

Length: No more than 15 minutes per episode

About: Written by Jack Black, Ghost Girls follows two women ghost hunters who go around solving ghastly mysteries.The series is anything but macabre, and features seasoned comedians like Black and Molly Shannon as well as the show's leads, Amanda Lund and Maria Blasucci, who navigate through both horror and comedy with ease.

Watch if: You're a fan of Zombieland or wish Ghostbusters had more ladies.

The Web Series: Losing It with John Stamos

Length: About 5 minutes an episode

About: A simple premise with a big payoff: John Stamos interviews celebrities and comedians about losing their virginity, with dolls and puppets re-imagining the act.

Watch if: You love it when John Stewart interviews go off the rails or you enjoy the web series 7 Minutes in Heaven

The Web Series: We Need Help

Length: Less than 10 minutes an episode

About: The hilarious (and underappreciated) Cheryl Hines and Rachel Harris play themselves, torturing the personal assistant that they both share.

Watch if: You love it when comedies lampoon Hollywood, or you like the millions of bit parts Rachel Harris and Cheryl Hines have collectively played.

The Web Series: Me and Zooey D.

Length: A few minutes an episode

About: A Kickstarter-funded show that follows around Alex, Zooey Deschanel's avid stalker and biggest copycat.

Watch if: You love New Girl. No, really.

The Web Series: The Choir

Length: Around 10 minutes an episode

About: Another Issa Rae creation, this one follows the colorful cast of characters in a church choir as they try to find new (and sometimes inappropriate) ways to rebuild their congregation.

Watch if: You're an Awkward Black Girl fan, or you love shows with a quirky characters and a sarcastic protagonist, a la The Office.