Lana's Love Life Is Confusing

Lana Del Rey's love life is extremely unclear to say the least. I feel like I know so much about the singer from her emotional music, yet in reality I actually know nothing at all. And then the information I do hear about Del Rey's personal life is so conflicting that I have no idea what is happening, and I go back to feeling like I know nothing again. The answers I find tend to lead me to more questions and those questions lead to even more. It is just an endless cycle because Lana Del Rey is one confusing lady. Is Lana Del Rey single? Is she in a relationship? Is she in multiple relationships? Is she married? I really went from one extreme to the other with these questions, but I could not help it. I had to ask every single one of them.

Headlines are all over the place when it comes to Del Rey, and I am just doing my best to keep up with it all and find out the truth. What is happening in her love life? Will it even be accurate by the time you finish reading this article? I have no gauge on that, but here are some questions I've found some semblance of an answer to for now. Keep in mind that this is only about her recent history. I can't imagine what paths I would go down if I dipped in to the Lana Del Rey archives.

Does Barrie-James O'Neill Know That They Are Broken Up?

Lana Del Rey dated former fiancé Barrie-Jame O'Neill, a member of the Scottish band Kassidy, from 2011 to 2014. Apparently we have him to thank for inspiring her hit songs during that time period. Del Rey described the relationship in a Fashion magazine interview saying, "It’s been a tenuous and tumultuous three years ... It was very rewarding, but very difficult." That statement sounds about right given the peculiar circumstances surrounding their breakup. In June 2014, Del Rey told Swedish newspaper 20 Minuten , "We are currently not together. He is a wonderful person. But there are some things he has to deal with." Then O'Neill was approached by the paparazzi, and when he was asked about the breakup exclaimed, "We have NOT broken up!" Was he denial or was he just unaware of the breakup somehow? I would like to assume that she dumped him before doing an international interview about it, but I am honestly unsure.

Is Lana Del Rey Dating Francesco Carrozzini?

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In the midst of the the previous "did they or didn't they break up" confusion, Del Rey was spotted locking arms with Francesco Carrozzini in Portofino, Italy in July 2014. Carozzini is a photographer and the son of Vogue Italia editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani. There were many paparazzi photos of Del Rey and Carrozzini acting couple-like complete with kisses, ice cream, and scooters. This was just days after O'Neill's paparazzi rant which makes me very curious about his reaction. That is something I wish was videotaped.

Did She Marry James Franco?

In August 2014, James Franco Instagrammed a photo of himself with Del Rey with the caption "Oh snap, we got married." Since James Franco is James Franco, I had no idea if that was the truth or a joke. Franco clarified that he was just kidding in the photo caption, but you never know what to believe with him. The actor's photo got some gossip brewing about the two dating. Franco also posted several Instagrams of Del Rey using her lyrics for captions, and Del Rey attended a screening for James Franco's movie Child of God at the end of July. Even if they did not get married, were they dating? Were they hooking up? What happened to Francesco Carrozzini?

Is Franceco Carrozini Dating Rita Ora's Sister AND Lana Del Rey?

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What's going on at this point? Is this a love triangle? A love square? A love pentagon? While those James Franco rumors were going strong, Del Rey was seen out and about with Carrozzini on a regular basis. And even after that questionable, short-lived Franco era, Del Rey and Carrozzini seemed to be a pretty serious couple. The couple was spotted having lunch together at a New York City cafe on Sept. 11. She even admitted to Rolling Stone that she stays at his place in Greenwich on a regular basis.

Then on Sept. 16, Carrozzini was spotted getting cozy with Rita Ora's sister Elena Ora. Carrozzini has worked as a photographer with Rita Ora several times, so maybe that is how he knows her sister? A New York Daily News article described this lunch, saying it was "filled with affection and the two appeared to be more than just friends." The next day, Del Rey was spotted apartment hunting in the city. Did she not want to stay at Carrozzini's place anymore? Interesting timing. However, some sources are saying Del Rey wanted to move to get away from the paparazzi who camp outside of Carrozzini's home. If that's the case, she should not move to any of the places she was photographed apartment hunting since she is clearly not under cover enough.

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Since the time of all that confusion, Del Rey was spotted looking super couple-y with Carrozzini in the beginning of October and he was the photographer for her L'Uomo Vogue cover story which came out at the end of that same month. It seems like they are probably still dating, but, if you haven't picked up on this, things can be very unclear with Lana Del Rey. This is more intriguing than a soap opera, and I cannot wait to see what stories develop next.

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