R. Pattz's New Haircut Might Personally Offend You

We tend to think we know celebrities because we're exposed to them so much and so often. We read interviews, watch behind the scenes clips, laugh as other people tell funny anecdotes about them. It's a strange sort of phenomenon, but it's there. So, when a celebrity does something we don't exactly approve of, we almost get personally offended. Like, how dare they not consult us first?! This seems to be the case with Robert Pattinson's new haircut, which is admittedly, maybe, just not the best look for him. But you know, it's his hair and so he gets to decide what to do with it!

OK, I tried. I can't be polite and mature about it anymore. I am personally offended like everyone else. He had such an unruly but beautiful head of hair, and if he's going to make big decisions regarding his tresses then MAYBE he needs some professional guidance — or, like, a public opinion poll — before he goes and takes a buzzer to his head leaving a vertical rectangle just hanging out on the back of his bare scalp. Ugh. Anyway, I'm only echoing a tiny fraction of Twitter's passionate sentiments about the whole thing. This is how the masses are reacting to R. Pattz's hair DON'T:

Some people are tried to make sense of it all

I'm just not really sure. Let's just be strong for one another.

The media couldn't quite get a grip on it, either

Some people are tried to make (not so) helpful suggestions

To the second one: Maybe.

Others are felt personally victimized

This is not a joke, Karlie. This is real life.

These people were FURIOUS

All I have to say to this is, probably

This guy actually dug it

But mostly, people wanted answers

The answers may never come, guys.