Transparent Texting Is Your Worst Nightmare

There's an art to a finely crafted text message, conveying the nuances and tone of what you want to say with nothing to work with but concise text. But now everyone can observe your artistic efforts as you type thanks to the transparent texting app. More like no thanks. What it transparent texting? It's something straight out of a horror film, that's what.

Transparent texting, which comes to us via an app called Beam Messenger, allows the person you're texting with to see everything you type as you type. Can't figure out what to say? They'll witness every false start. Can't remember how to spell something? They see every guess. Craft a snarky reply and then think better of it? Too bad, they already saw.

Like I said, the stuff of nightmares.

And sure, the app does allow you to delete things you've already posted, but that doesn't quite make up for the fact that the other person sees everything you type. As Buzzfeed points out, the app makes it so that "texting looks less like an exchange of letters and more like a co-edited Google Doc." Who wants to communicate via co-edited Google Doc? Anyone?

Apparently some people are into this idea, though, because the app exists and has a pretty good overall rating so far. Do you people just like spying on your friends' thought processes, or is waiting for a complete text just too hard? Or are there practical circumstances in which this sort of thing is useful? I'm drawing a total blank.

Well, at least this thing only works if both people have the app and are using it to message each other. The day that someone invents a plug-in that does this but with the normal texting function and works whether both parties have it or not? That is the day I give up texting.