Kim's Butt Got Made Into A Cake Pop

The butt that has launched a thousand jokes, a thousand criticisms, and thousands of internet clicks, has now also launched a dessert (of course). A bakery in Leeds, London crafted an uncanny lookalike cake pop of Kim Kardashian's butt from her Paper magazine shoot. Natch.

Created from equal parts marzipan and Internet controversy, the Kim Bum Pop, as it's being called, has taken up residence at the Lou Lou P's Delights bakery. Why the need to turn the reality star's bare backside into an edible treat? "I’m really very, very sorry but it had to be done…didn’t it?" says the baker on their Facebook page. No, Lou Lou, some things should really just be left alone. Remember, this is the bakery who also created cake pops of the Titanic passengers for the anniversary of ship's sinking though, so I don't really know if they got the whole "is this appropriate?" thing down. Their baking skills are sure on point though...

You have to admit that the likeness is almost uncanny. The baker's got everything from Kim K's top knot to her bootylicious bum all accounted for. Even the celeb's tiny teeny pearls were included in the treat. Don't know if I would necessarily want to eat this particularly cake pop, but hey, it's impressive nonetheless. Kudos.

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Images: btk120, SpacePirateQueen/Flickr