Quiz: Did Lady Gaga Really Do That?

Lady Gaga's The Fame Monster is now five years old. I can't tell if it seems like it's been five years or not. In some ways, I feel that Lady Gaga has been running the pop world forever, permanently gracing newsstands with her confusing political/fashion statements. On the other hand, I distinctly remember when "Alejandro" was the coolest song ever (isn't it still?).

To celebrate the monstrously successful follow up to The Fame, and the woman behind it, let's revisit some of Gaga's craziest moments since The Fame Monster came out. But look out; some of these are real, and some aren't. Test your knowledge of Gaga by choosing whether these events are true or false. If you Google the answers, Gaga will know because she owns Google and is also omniscient.

  1. Wore a Rubik's cube dress to protest the prison-industrial complex.
  2. Had her urine turned into a perfume.
  3. Convinced Ke$ha to remove the "$."
  4. Stripped down completely on stage for a costume change.
  5. Bought matching Steve McQueen armadillo shoes for her dog.
  6. Toured with a circular piano.
  7. Ate a mouse on stage.
  8. Feuded with Madonna.
  9. Had someone vomit on her on stage.
  10. Vomited on stage.
  11. Donated her wig collection to the Smithsonian.
  12. Arrived at the VMAs in an egg.
  13. Appeared on The Simpsons.
  14. Gave birth on SNL.
  15. Named her dog Morga, Queen Of The Undead.
  16. Crowned her number one fan as "The Biggest Little Monster" with a violet wig.
  17. Wore a battery-powered flying dress.
  18. Arrested for indecent exposure.
  19. Spent $1000 on pizza for her fans.
  20. Dressed as a taco.
  21. Rolled around in a gold and leather wheelchair.
  22. Proclaimed herself more popular than the Beatles and thus, by the transitive property, more popular than Jesus.
  23. Lost her hair because of too much hair dye.

OK, have you answered all the questions?

Are you sure???

Don't cheat!

Gaga will also know if you cheat.

OK, fine.

1. False. 2. True 3. False 4. Of course she did 5. False 6. True 7. No, silly, that was Ozzy Osbourne's cat. 8. True 9. True 10. True 11. Not yet 12. Nah, it was the Grammys. 13. True 14. Basically 15. No 16. False 17. True 18. She wasn't actually arrested, but I'll give it to you 19. True 20. No, you must be confusing her with this baby 21. True 22. False 23. True

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