Ranking 15 Sexy Megan Fox Outfits On the Red Carpet, From Beautiful To Award-Worthy

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Some actresses excel at giving heartfelt acceptance speeches, others could give up their day jobs to become full-time street style icons, and a select few seem to have been born with the genetic makeup of a glamazon. Megan Fox and her red carpet attire fall into the latter category, ranging from the subtly sultry to incredibly alluring. Is there a formula to her innate sense of provocative dress? To begin with, Fox only selects pieces which flatter her body, and possess a certain amount of bombshell charm. And it should be noted that her sense of sartorial know-how has developed over the years from simply reaching for a ruched satin mini dress to selecting pieces which demonstrate a slightly deeper knowledge of fashion. Here are Fox's finest red carpet looks, ranked from beautiful to award-worthy.

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