Adam Levine's Your Next Crossover Movie Star

Breaking news from Toronto: when an infamously aggressive and determined producer wants something, chances are high that he'll get it. At the film festival, Harvey Weinstein bought C an a Song Save Your Life?, beating our competitors for the rights to the upcoming musical drama from director John Carney (Once) that played to rave reviews. Weinstein reportedly spent an impressive $7 million, plus $20 million for prints and advertising, for the movie, which stars Keira Knightley, Mark Ruffalo, and Maroon 5's Adam Levine (!). Now that it's all but certain Can a Song Save Your Life? will hit theaters before long, we've got to wonder — will The Voice judge Adam Levine be the next music-to-movies crossover success?

We've seen Levine act before, in a 2012 recurring role on American Horror Story: Asylum, but never in a production as expansive or anticipated as this. In Can a Song Save Your Life?, Levine plays Dave, the famous musician boyfriend of Gretta (Knightley), and the couple's break-up inspires Gretta to pursue her own musical career. Levine's not the only real-life musician to act in the film — Cee-Lo Green and Mos Def both appear — but his role is certainly the most prominent. He's been billed as one of the movie's top actors, and so it can be assumed that his role consists of more than a few shots of him singing "Love Somebody."

Levine's hardly the first musician to attempt a film crossover (anyone remember Taylor Swift in Valentine's Day? We don't want to, either), but he's one of the most promising. Judging from Oscar-friendly Weinstein's eagerness to buy the film's rights, Can a Song Save Your Life? might very well be excellent, and the rest of the cast (Knightley, Ruffalo, Hailee Steinfeld, Catherine Keener) is talented enough to assume that Levine gives an equally worthy performance.

If the movie does showcase Levine's newfound acting skills, it's very plausible that we'll be seeing a lot more of the singer in feature films to come. He's all about expanding his brand, with The Voice, a record label, and several multi-million dollar endorsements taking up his non-Maroon 5 time, and it only makes sense that becoming a movie star is next on his list. It's a bold move, seeing as it's possible he'll get some Swift-esque backlash to his acting, but an unsurprising one. After all, Levine's already let his fiance post a near-naked photo of him for millions to see — I think he's brave enough to handle a few critics come 2014.