11 Thanksgiving Pies To Bake If You Have Something To Prove This Holiday

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Pie is without a doubt the perfect dessert, but there's just something about baking a pie that screams one thing and one thing only, "I have something to prove!" You could just have easily baked cupcakes for everyone to enjoy, or maybe even purchased a dozen cannolis from the Italian bakery and brought them along. But no, you outdid yourself yet again. You baked a freakin' pie. You used ingredients you never thought you would ever bake with, you braided lattice better than you've ever braided hair, you put blood, sweat, and tears into that thing (hopefully only metaphorically) And for what? Well, for the glory of course.Like I said, pies are the perfect dessert, and if you have to something to prove this Thanksgiving, look no further than than these pie recipes. They put your basic old pumpkin pie to shame. Enjoy!

Image: Adventures in Cooking

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