Man Records Wife Singing Along To Salt-N-Pepa & The Results Are Hilarious — VIDEO

If you tell me that you have never taken a few moments out of your day to go to town on a half lip synched half gloriously sung rendition of a song in the comfort of your car/office/bedroom/what have you, I will tell you that you are a liar. We have all been there. And so one man's secret recording of his wife going ham to Salt-n-Pepa's "None Of Your Business?" It's pretty deeply relatable, and low-key badass in a very "I'm driving in a minivan" kinda way.

The concept of the video is pretty straight-forward: The camera's on a lady who having a ball singing along to a song on the radio — a song that she obviously knows the words to really well. She is obviously one of those people I envy, AKA the kind who actually remembers the words to songs instead of forgetting them until the song is actually playing in front of you. For this I must applaud her.

The best part of the video to me, though, is its ending: This woman did not know that her husband was recording her jam sesh, so her scream at the end when he pans back himself is pretty great.

Sir Prise on YouTube

Image: Sir Prise/Youtube