If 'The Walking Dead' Kills Carol, We Riot

Things got real dark in the final moments of Sunday's The Talking Dead. The hour-long talk show for the ridiculously-obsessed Walking Dead fan finally delivered a hefty sneak peek from next week's episode (last Sunday's Abraham flashback was pretty darn useless) and from what we can see, Carol could die if her Walking Dead cohorts don't hurry up with this rescue business.

The promo for "Crossed" showed us that we would finally get to see the marriage of the Carol/Daryl/Beth storyline and the Rick & Co. storyline, but the episode's sneak peek makes me wonder if the group might show up too late. The timing is a little wonky — we're not sure how much time will pass between Daryl and Noah riding off to get Rick, rallying Rick and Co., and then actually getting back to Beth and Carol and defeating their captors. There's a lot that needs to happen and per the Talking Dead sneak peek, Carol is put in danger pretty immediately.

As we saw in "Consumed," Carol was hit by a car and scooped up by the Dawn Lerner patrol — she didn't serve herself up as bait as many of us assumed. In the sneak peek (which isn't online on its own, but can be found within the online episode of The Talking Dead ), we find that almost immediately, Dawn is willing to let Carol's life go to keep her own power in tact.

One of her officers suggests that they take Carol off life support (yeah, things are that bad for our resurrected badass) because it takes up too much of their resources and she may not even pull through. Beth probably would have argued for Carol even if she didn't know her, but she gets rather passionate for her old cohort and demands that the cop give up charging his DVD player every day so that Carol can have a little juice for her life support. (Wait, I'm sorry — who's letting this idiot watch DVDs during the zombie apocalypse? Oh right, Crazy Dawn.)

Put off by Beth's brazenness (and feeling completely challenged by Beth in every way) Dawn asserts her power and tells her cop to take Carol off of the machines, laying the blame for Carol's likely death on Beth. This means that, heading into next week, we will be facing a race against time and the quick approach of death to see if the crew can get it together and defeat the new baddies in time to save Carol. And while this show could very well kill her off and make us all cry crocodile tears, I have to echo Talking Dead guest and Walking Dead aficionado Yvette Nicole Brown's sentiments:

If Carol dies, we riot.

Damn straight.

Image: Glen Page/AMC