17 Times Celebrities Embarrassed Themselves Because Hey, We've All Been There

I embarrass myself approximately 12 times a day. Fortunately, my life has a relatively small audience to witness these all too common occurrences. Not so if you're a celebrity — those cringeworthy moments last forever, captured permanently with paparazzi cameras and plastered on the internet for the entire world to see. Don't worry, celebs — we've all been there, even if our own embarrassing shenanigans weren't quite as public. Click through to see 17 stars most embarrassing moments.

by Kaitlin Reilly


Snooki and her Jersey Shore crew are notorious party animals, but Snooks took things a little too far in the summer of 2010 when she was arrested on a Seaside Heights beach for public intoxication. The Jersey Shore cameras were rolling the whole time and, obviously, the incident made it into a later episode.

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Ashlee Simpson

Simpson’s 2004 Saturday Night Live set should have been a career highlight — instead, it was one of the most cringeworthy performances ever on the sketch show. The “Pieces of Me” singer was caught lipsyncing to her song when the track started too early. She did a little jig and scooted off stage — and everyone who watched it was embarrassed for her.

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Ever had a dream when you peed your pants in front of an entire classroom? Yeah, well, that happened to Fergie in real life — except, instead of a classroom, it was a concert arena. The actress accidentally peed her pants during a Black Eyed Peas performance in 2005.

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Zac Efron

Efron accidentally dropped a condom in front of the paparazzi at the premiere of his animated flick The Lorax in 2012. The press ragged on him for weeks, but hey, at least he was using protection.

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John Travolta

Travolta’s embarrassing moment happened at the Oscars in 2014, when he pronounced the name of Frozen voice actress Idina Menzel as “Adele Dazeem.” On the plus side, it was the most anyone had talked about John Travolta in years.

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Tara Reid

You’d be hard pressed to find an actress in Hollywood who hasn’t been accused of a “nip slip” (because boobs, amirite?) but it was particularly awkward for Reid, whose entire boob decided to come and hang out on the red carpet.

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Kanye West

In 2009, West interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech during the MTV Video Music Awards to tell the world that it was actually Beyonce who had the best video of all time. Some may see this as an embarrassing moment for Swift, but it really made West look like an asshat — and he still hasn’t lived it down.

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Janet Jackson & Justin Timberlake

Jackson and Timberlake’s Super Bowl performance in 2004 was supposed to be iconic, but probably not for this reason. Timberlake accidentally ripped Jackson’s top off, revealing her boob for a half second. The incident — often referred to as “Nipplegate” — caused such a stir that it now has its very own Wikipedia page.

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Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson may never live down a statement she made on her reality show Newlyweds about whether Chicken Of The Sea was tuna or, uh, chicken.

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Justin Timberlake

Remember when Punk’d was a thing? Well, Justin Timberlake was got realllll good on Ashton Kutcher’s reality show. He freaked out when the cast of the hidden camera series claimed to have seized his home due to unpaid taxes. Timberlake later explained that he was “so stoned” during the filming of the show, which, in hindsight, makes a ton of sense.

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Caitlin Upton

Remember Miss Teen South Carolina? In 2007 the pageant hopeful was asked about why children don’t know where the United States is on a map. Her answer? Totally nonsensical rambling in which she used the term “the Iraq.”

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Kim Kardashian

Kardashian has a meltdown on Keeping Up With the Kardashians after learning that she lost a pair of expensive diamond earrings in the water while swimming. Her freakout may have been mocked, but really, wouldn’t you freak out just a little bit if you lost a pair of $175,000 earrings?

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Rita Ora

Ora was lucky that her embarrassing moment was mainly contained to the internet. After announcing that she would release new music if her tweet got 100,000 retweets, the singer received only 2,000. Twitter users ragged on the singer, and Ora deleted the (not particularly retweetable) tweet.

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Charlie Sheen

Google pretty much anything that Sheen was up to in 2011, and it’s guaranteed to be on the list of his most embarrassing moments. Perhaps the most disturbing one was his Today Show rant about being on a drug called “Charlie Sheen” and surviving on tiger blood.

Aubrey Plaza

Plaza’s joke at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards — in which she rushed the stage to grab Will Ferrell’s Golden Popcorn — backfired so badly that she was actually kicked out of the awards show.

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Jennifer Lawrence

Lawrence is widely praised for her give-no-fucks attitude, but even she must have cringed when she fell on her way to accept her Best Actress Oscar in 2013.

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Britney Spears

The press couldn’t “leave Britney alone” after the singer’s supposed-to-be “comeback performance” at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards, in which she danced to her single “Gimme More” looking exhausted and unenthused. If only the haters could see her now, raking in the bucks while doing her Las Vegas residency show.

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