4 Worst Things You Can Do to Oily Skin

by Julia Teen

Guys, oily skin types have it tough. “If you have oily skin, you know it!” says dermatologist Dr. Deirdre Hooper. “You have to blot your skin constantly, it always looks shiny in pictures and is greasy again immediately after washing it.”

Make sure you aren’t contributing to your slick factor by avoiding these common oily skin mistakes.

Over Drying

Oily skin types constantly over dry their skin, says Hooper. “They use products that contain alcohol and try to get that ‘squeaky clean’ feeling. But when you strip all the oil out of your skin, you get a temporary release, but an overall backfire.” The result, she explains, is more oil when your body compensates for your skin surface suddenly drying up.

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Over Applying Moisturizers

Dermatologist and author Leslie Baumann says a common occurrence with oily skin types is that they use a moisturizer that is either too heavy, or the wrong one altogether. “Everyone feels dry and tight for the first 10 minutes after washing the face,” she says. “Oily types get tricked by this into apply unnecessary moisturizer. After 20 minutes, the oil glands repopulate the oil on the skin, so they should wait 20 to 30 minutes to see if they really need it.”

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Applying the Wrong Cleanser

An oily skin should stay away from creamy or oil-based cleanser. “A foam-based cleanser is the best thing because the ingredients sweep oiliness off your face, but do not dry it out,” says Hooper.

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Using the Wrong Ingredients

Try a salicylic acid instead of other ingredients like glycolic acid,” says Hooper. “It’s drawn to oil and it soaks down into your hair follicles where your oil glands are to help remove the oil. Instead of spreading out on the surface on your skin, it’ll go where you need it.”

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Image: Anton Maltsev/Fotolia