Harry Styles Teases at Being Bisexual Again

I'm starting to believe that One Direction frontman Harry Styles happens to enjoy giving his considerable fan base a heart attack. Whether you're a fan of Styles, a fan of One Direction, or hate them both, there can be no doubt that you've heard the rumors that Styles is bisexual. While such a story has existed since the very beginning of his career, the boy bander has been adding fuel to the fire in recent months by teasing in interviews that he's at least open to the idea of a bisexual lifestyle. What was once a one-off comment has now become a pattern, because in an interview with The Sun, Styles hinted at his bisexuality again in a presumably joking comment to fellow 1D member Niall Horan.

During the interview, the boys discussed how the only single members left in the band were Horan and Styles. Apparently, Horan becomes the subject of a rumor concerning his alleged romantic connection to a new female celebrity everywhere they go, so, when the boys began giving suggestions for who the next one should be, the interview suggested they go for a man instead. While the rest of the band members began laughing, Styles leaned over, patted Horan on the knee, and said, "Don't knock it 'til you try it."

At this point, I think it's safe to say that Styles is a giant troll. I mean, what else is there to think here? If he isn't bisexual, then he certainly seems to be endlessly entertained by the rumors about him — entertained enough to add to them in vague and comedic ways. If he is bisexual, he's literally coming out in the best way possible because everyone is wondering and yet no one truly knows any more about his private life than they did before. Then again, perhaps Styles is the kind of person who has no need for a label like bisexual. Maybe he just likes who he likes and he doesn't really need who he likes to be split strictly down one side of the gender line. He could just like people.

Whatever he likes, it's clear that Styles doesn't feel the need to explain or justify his reasoning to the public — and, well, he shouldn't. His sexuality is not for him to proclaim to satisfy us nor is it something that he should need to defend or rationalize to help us understand it better. It's a private and personal thing, not to mention solely his business. If he wants to make a statement later down the line, then obviously we're all waiting with bated breath and ready to talk about that as easily as we're talking about the mere possibility right now. However, if he doesn't make a statement, then no one should be upset with him about that. Determining someone's sexuality or forcing them to put a label on it is a pretty unfair way of shoving people in a box. For now, it's enough to know that Styles is tolerant enough not to fall into the trap of seeing a stigma attached to people wondering if he isn't heterosexual.

Image: plannedparenthood/Tumblr