Did Rihanna Find The Comfiest Travel Outfit Ever?

by Erin Mayer

There are some celebrities who can seemingly do no wrong style-wise. Rihanna is normally one of them. She wows fashion critics with her daring outfit choices every time she hits the red carpet or the street. But her latest travel ensemble is a little weird. Rihanna was spotted at the airport in a DKNY sweatshirt dress that looked super unflattering, but also crazy comfortable.

The singer was photographed leaving LAX in what The Gloss has identified as the Athletic Tag & Logo Hooded Dress from DKNY's collection for Opening Ceremony, which retails for $195 and reminds me of a body-length tube sock. It's so baggy and shapeless that I'd imagine wearing one would be akin to swathing yourself in a giant blanket — hence making this the perfect garment for traveling via air.

Rihanna paired her "dress" with black sunnies and major Marc by Marc Jacobs sneakers, plus a ponytail that seems to be about a mile long and a pile of jewelry. I hate this dress, but I admire Rihanna's ability to wear it in public without a care in the world, and her willingness to put comfort over stylishness. Plus, she's Rihanna — she still looked ten times cooler in a giant sweatpants leg than most of us look in our 'going out' clothes.

Still so fierce! Feeling inspired? Pick up the dress for yourself at!

Images: Opening Ceremony