Kourtney's Baby Shower Was Held At IHOP

by Tess Yocom

Well, here's some Kardashian news that might actually #BreakTheInternet… and it’s not about Kim’s bare behind. On Sunday morning, Kourtney Kardashian hosted a baby shower with her closest gal pals to celebrate the upcoming birth of her third child. Where was this party held, you may ask? At a five-star restaurant? One of the many Kardashian mansions in the LA area? A fancy brunch lounge at a country club? NOPE. At an IHOP. Yeah. Kourtney Kardashian held her baby shower at an International House Of Pancakes. Stop making me love you, Kardashians.

The reality star wore a red hoodie and matching devil horns headband while sipping on hot chocolate and eating what appears to be some sort of marshmallow cake. There were no signs of any of her sisters, who weren’t in the group photo and didn’t post any Instagrams of their own. Hmm. Maybe they’re planning another shower? After all, the Kardashians pretty much go big or go home.

Kourtney posted photos of her shower on Instagram using #fancybabyshower. Ironic hashtag? Of couse. But, hey, at least it didn’t mention the whole damage the World Wide Web thing.

Here are a few of the snapshots Kourtney posted from the get-together:

Is this a bit surprising for a family that's basically famous for being lavish? Sure. But it’s so adorable. She seems like such a normal person in all of the photos. After all, she’s been to plenty of fancy brunches throughout her life. Why not do something a bit different for a change?

Plus, the whole baby shower proves a universal truth: Staying in your PJs is the greatest thing ever. I’ve never been pregnant, but I’ve heard the entire process is pretty exhausting. Why waste your precious time and energy getting dressed when you don’t have to?

Overall, her shower was basically a giant slumber party. Why have it any other way?