Watch this 93-Yr-Old Women Smoke For The 1st Time

This is the 12-minute long video of a 93-year-old woman smoking weed for the first time with her son that you never knew you needed to see. The law abiding great-grandmother and her son had never smoked weed before, but with the legalization of marijuana in Washington State, the duo decided it was time to get super baked. The video begins with the son "Open Sky" recounting how he and his mother "Silver Princess" came about acquiring the weed (which, if you ask me—forget the elderly woman getting blazed—is the funniest part of this whole video. Probably because it's exactly how I imagine one of my parents describing finding pot.)

Open Sky calls the weed a "marijuana cigarette", which should make you chortle into whatever beverage you're sipping right now. Silver Princess corrects him on the terminology, which will bring you a double chortle. You'll be lost in chortles forever when Open Sky describes inviting their weed dealer "in for some tea." As the pair lights up, the son turns out to be something of a joint hog, rendering himself completely shit-faced with puff after puff of weed. Grandma keeps the pace, but isn't able to feel any effect, and as Open Sky describes at the end in his adorable "recap", Silver Princess smoked him "under the table."

Image: YouTube