The 'FNL' Producers Have Something Awesome Coming

Texas Forever — or, at least, Jason Katims and Kerry Ehrin forever. Katims and Ehrin, who were executive and consulting producers, respectively, on the heavily beloved Friday Night Lights, are teaming up for a third time (they worked on Parenthood together, as well) to bring us more joy, tears, and generally inspiring images of humanity. This time around, that will take the form of a female buddy cop show the pair are developing with NBC.

Here's Deadline's description of the show-to-be:

Written by Ehrin, the untitled project tells the darkly comedic story of two unlikely female partners in the Boston PD — one a fortysomething single mom with a ton of baggage, the other an ambitious Latina twentysomething wannabe-hotshot with a lot to learn. It’s a cat-and-mouse game of who-can-you-trust told through the lens of two high-spirited, slightly insane professionals.

Fans of the pairs shows know their usual television M.O.: Very well-rounded, very human characters populating a world usually centered around a family (biological or otherwise) and full of realistic dialogue and fun good times that will make you cry almost every episode.

It'll be interesting to see how those creative habits transfer to the format of a buddy cop project, but it doesn't seem like a coincidence that female buddy cops is the concept they're running with. With the huge success of The Heat at the box office this summer, it's nice to see someone actually taking action on the untapped market for awesome female leads palling around together.

If there's anyone we can probably trust to write complicated, well-rounded female characters, it's the people who brought Tami Taylor into our lives. These are the people with the clearest eyes and the fullest hearts. They can't lose.