Yes, Eyebrow Transplants Are A Thing

It's understandable that in order to achieve particular fashion goals, there may be a certain level of discomfort involved. Is that discomfort necessary? Of course not. But are you going to be able to find a six inch heel that feels like walking on clouds? Nope, probably not. However, there are always going to be people that go slightly beyond what are considered standard beauty pains. Example? Well, now you can get eyebrow transplants. Yes, you read that correctly. For only $5000 and a week or so of temporary blindness, you can get eyebrow transplants.

In an article for Refinery 29, Ashley Wilkins described how in a desperate attempt to rid herself of bushy eyebrows as a self-conscious child, she ended up quite literally plucking the life out of her brows. They never grew back. Even though Wilkins said she learned to master the art of filling in her brows, she wanted a more permanent solution. Cut to eyebrow transplants.

According to Wilkins, there are two ways to go about transplanting eyebrows. The first way, follicle unit transport, involves "slicing" (her words, not mine) a 4-inch section of scalp from the back of your head, taking out those hairs, and then essentially implanting those hairs wherever you would like —your eyebrows in this case. The other method is essentially the same except instead of cutting the hair out of a piece of your scalp, the hair is sucked out, so... no scar. However, the latter is less effective, which is why Wilkins went with the follicle unit transport, she said.

Although Wilkins was awake for the entire procedure (eek), she was numbed so she wouldn't feel a thing. After a week of bruising, nausea, not being able to open her eyes, scabbing, plus a few more weeks of adjusting to how quickly/differently the hair grows, Wilkins had new, lovely eyebrows. And although she said she does have to trim them quite a bit, she's happy with her decision — but not everyone she knew felt the same way initially.

"I received a lot of criticism when I first told friends and family I was going to have eyebrow hair transplants," Wilkins said. "No one understood — because their brows were all fully intact."

Wilkins did mention that many of her previously skeptical friends now say she looks amazing, and it's true, her eyebrows do look great. But if she's still having to trim and tame her now fast-growing brows every few days, isn't that arguably almost as much up-keep as filling brows in (she still does that too, minimally)?

In any case, if she feels great about herself thanks to the procedure, then I guess it really is $5000 well spent. Not sure how you feel about this eyebrow transplant nonsense yet? Be sure to see Wilkin's personal documentation of every step of the process and judge for yourself.

Images: Giphy