Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Baby: She Might Be a Westdashian, But She's Still A Person

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's baby is a whole 24 hours old (more or less), making this the moment every celebrity/entertainment writer has been dreaming of for months. There are so many jokes to be made, so many derisive comments about her parents to be had, and maybe even a cheeky birth video to judge. But reading the tweets, the articles, and the blogs, one can't help but feel a little bit sorry for Baby Kimye. Because she's a premature newborn and she's already the butt of Yeezy and Kardashian-themed jokes, which seems a little unfair.

In case you don't recall being a teenager, most of those years are spent either listening to awful music or wishing you could have picked your family, because the one you have totally sucks. (Oh the angst — the unbearable angst!) Now, imagine that your parents are Kardashian and West. That is such a heavy burden to bear. It's totally reasonable to make fun of the Kardashian sisters for being who they are because they're adults, but we don't really make fun of Kendall Kardashian for a reason. It's because, at 17 years old, she's still a child, and, still, she's a hell of a lot older than Baby Kimye.

Maybe the addition of West into the equation makes Baby Kimye that much more ripe for humor than the other Kardashians, but she's also only a day old. If we can't pause for a moment in our condemnation-soaked world and be happy that someone brought a cute little baby into a family that will doubtlessly provide for them, then we've officially reached full saturation on societal cynicism.

Kardashian and West are flawed, without a doubt. Baby Kimye's father thinks he's Jesus and her mom is famous for having a big butt and dating basketball players, but this baby is something new. Remember that time (or, more accurately, times) your dad wore awkward shorts to pick you up from school, or told your first boyfriend about how you wet the bed 'til you were 8 years old? Now, imagine your father is West, and he announced in the week leading up to your birth that he is the "Michael Jordan of music," amongst pretty much every other thing he has ever said. West has provided enough paternal embarassment fodder for a lifetime, and Baby Kimye isn't even a week old.This kid doesn't deserve our ire, our disbelief, or our lowbrow jokes. The poor thing is more likely to need 15 years of therapy and a stiff drink.