Who Made That Catchy Music for Serial?

I'd be willing to literally climb out on a tree limb and say anyone who follows the Serial podcast would agree that the music (and no, I don't mean the sounds of the gorgeous MailChimp ad) takes the entire listening experience to another level. (I don't know what's supposed to happen once I'm out on that limb, but whatever.) So, who's the artist behind the song that kicks off every episode? I did a little Sarah Koenig-inspired detective work (OK, OK. I didn't actually do any detective work. I just typed some words into Google. It took me all of 15 seconds) and learned the answer: The composer of the pod's theme is Nick Thorburn, the frontman of indie bands Islands and The Unicorns. WHOAAAAA. Like, I totally hear it now that I know it's him, but man. I would've never guessed.

If you want to buy the music of Serial (ya know, so you can listen to it whenever the mood strikes and/or turn it into a ringtone), the songs Thorburn wrote for the podcast are available for purchase over at BandCamp.

Yeah, Nick Thorburn (aka Nick Diamonds) has the "writing creepy music that works perfectly on a true crime podcast" thing on lock, but he also crushes it with fun tunes like this:

And this:

And this:

But this next one, however...

...gotta say, I'm sorta catching some Serial vibes.