#NYFW Hair You Can Do While Waiting for the Train at Karen Walker's Show

Good to know style doesn't always have to be deliberate.

At Karen Walker, models walked out with haphazardly braided bits of hair amongst their natural waves. Hairstylist Laurent Philippon meant the girls to look like gypsy travelers, who, while waiting for the next train to arrive, took to idly braiding her strands.

Good news for city dwellers: This works just as well while waiting for the NQR, and will still look nonchalant, bohemian, and cool.

With enough beach or thickening spray, hair won't even require an elastic to hold it all in place, and if it comes apart a bit, it'll only add to the charm. And, this pretty much works for anyone with chin length hair or longer.

Image: Bumble & Bumble