The Top 30 US Cities For Finding A Sugar Daddy

Sure, there are a million reasons not to do it, but let's be honest: Who among us hasn't at least briefly thought about finding themselves a Sugar Daddy? New research from has revealed the top 30 cities for sugar daddies, so if you've settled on being a kept woman, this research is for you. Every time I've ever thought about finding a sugar daddy, I always have the addendum, "But I wouldn't have sex with them," which we all know is a lovely little lie we all cling to when we're looking for someone to pay our bills; that we're not actually going to be exchanging sex for money. We're just going to magically get the money for free from some lonely old chump. Having never had a Sugar Daddy myself, I can't say whether or not that sort of arrangement is possible, and I'm definitely not judging any sugar babies. Who knows what the future holds for me. It could be a rich 80-year-old boyfriend, for all I know. took data from their registrations of men seeking to become Sugar Daddies to put together the list. They define Sugar Daddies as men who are "successful and generous, and willing to provide a certain lifestyle for a young, attractive person in return for friendship or companionship." Sugar Babies, on the other hand, are "Attractive people looking for the finer things in life. They appreciate exotic trips and gifts. Sugar Babies get to experience a luxurious lifestyle, and meet wealthy people on a regular basis." The list of best cites for Sugar Daddies is as follows:

1. Atlanta 19.64

2. Vancouver 13.02

3. Orlando 12.52

4. San Francisco 12.23

5. Las Vegas 11.68

6. Tampa 11.50

7. Washington, D.C. 10.01

8. Boston 9.91

9. Seattle 8.24

10. Austin 8.03

11. New Orleans 6.54

12. Denver 6.54

13. Minneapolis 6.33

14. Portland 6.13

15. Edmonton 4.99

16. Toronto 4.99

17. Chicago 4.97

18. Charlotte 4.18

19. Calgary 3.93

20. San Antonio 3.78

21. San Jose 3.68

22. Houston 3.63

23. Columbus 3.52

24. Phoenix­Scottsdale 3.38

25. Philadelphia 2.95

26. Ottawa 2.82

27. Dallas 2.78

28. Miami 2.68

29. New York 2.39

30. Los Angeles 1.99

I would have thought cities like Miami, New York and LA would have made the top of the list because of the glamorous lifestyles of their denizens, but it seems like there are some more unassuming cities teeming with men just waiting to throw their money at hot young women. So I guess if I ever decide to become a Sugar Baby, Atlanta, here I come!