Candice Huffine is Pirelli's First Plus-Size Model

by May Sofi

The powerhouse, Italian tire company known as Pirelli has been paying homage to the world of high fashion for decades. Infamous for their fusion of highly coveted photographers and supermodels with provocative, risqué editorials, the brand has established itself as truly iconic, continuing to break molds and push past boundaries. This season, Pirelli has welcomed their first plus-size model, Candice Huffine, to the elite group of "calendar girls."

The calendar includes a full list of top model A-listers, ranging from newcomers like Gigi Hadid to seasoned vets like Adriana Lima; but Candice is surely stirring up the most buzz. Although Huffine isn't technically the first plus-size model to grace the pages of Pirelli (that award goes to Sophi Dahl in 1998), she is the first in a long time, defining a new direction in fashion that includes a more accurate representation of women's beauty. How does the size 16 stunner feel about baring it all? "When you love your body you feel OK to strip down," she tells The Telegraph . Huffine, who already has Vogue and W features under her belt, thinks we'll definitely be seeing more and more plus-size models in high fashion. It's becoming the new normal and I'm totally loving it.

Here are some of the beautifully seductive shots: