Transgender Kid Alex Raps About Coming Out, And It's Freaking Awesome

Here's your much-needed daily dose of warm and fuzzies: We've got a video of Alex, a transgender kid with maturity well beyond his years, who performed a rap about coming out to his family and friends at his camp's talent show. Not only did he handle a topic many adults struggle with with so much grace that I'm honestly floored (and he's not even in middle school yet), Alex can spit! I wonder if Young Money has any room for this up-and-coming star? OK, maybe his mom did help with the lyrics a little.

The rap, complete with background "musicians" (clappers?), was performed at Camp Aranu'tiq, a camp for transgender and gender-variant kids and their families. Founded in 2009, the camp provides an overnight camp experience for children who don't feel like they fit in with society's conceptions of gender. At an age where LGBTQ youth are at an increased risk of bullying and suicide attempts, it's nothing short of awesome that Alex had the courage and confidence to go up and perform this rap in front of his friends (and now, the world). You go, Alex, that confidence is sure to take you far.

Camp Aranu'tiq on YouTube

I for one wish I could jump through the computer screen and give this little guy and his family a huge hug. Ya done good.


Here are the lyrics:

So I had a little story I'd like to share / about something I went through that might seem pretty weird / Please try and imagine if this was you / or you might have something that you can relate it to / So I was just a little kid about 7 or 8 / and I had something to say that could no longer wait / So I went to my mom that hot day in July / with a hope in my heart and a tear in my eye / Basically I said this girl is your son / and I’ve always felt this way and it hasn’t been fun / We sat there together for a little while / I thought she was sad but then I saw her smile / She told me I was brave and that she was so proud / that I came to her so she could help me sort things out. My family and friends / were also on board / and the support that I got / just had me floored / And from that day on / I started my path / and we worked together / and even faced some wrath / Together we can weather / whatever this life brings / and we’ll continue to love / and I’ll continue to sing / And I know that there are other kids / who feel like I do / and I truly understand / what they are going through / Thank you all for sitting here / and taking the time / to let me tell my message / in the form of a rhyme / Please treat everyone / the way you expect / we all deserve freedom, love and respect.

Here's hoping we see a lot more from Alex in the future.

Image: Camp Aranu'tiq / Youtube; Giphy