This Woman's Glorious Mustache Transformations Are What Social Media Was Made To Be Used For—PHOTOS

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Break out the 'stache wax, y'all, it's about to get mustache-stastic up in this joint. S. Van Lokey is a Dallas woman who also happens to own more than one fake mustache. Last year, for her own amusement, she began taking photos of herself as different mustachioed characters of her own creation. This year, she's doing it again with the aim (in addition to amusing herself and others) of raising a little bit of moolah for the annual Movember campaign. Humor and dollars for cancer? It's not quite Patch Adams, but it's just heartwarming and absurd, which I support without question. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some Amazon Prime moustache shopping to do #feelinginspired #blessed #burtreynolds.

Since I work from home, I haven't had much of an opportunity to scope out dude co-workers rocking their glorious Movember chin-pube growth. I technically work with three dudes, but they are a dog and two cats and as such, technically always have facial hair and also relish crop dusting me while I am hard at work. You know, typical boy stuff.

When I did work in an office (*pauses, shudders, goes to corner to sit on the floor and rock in a fetal position for a time*), the guy were all about Movember, which irked me. This is not because I am an evil super-villain who thinks cancer should be allowed to run rampant, nor is it because I am a kill-joy. My perma-scowl for the month was due to two reasons: First, I like facial hair and think it's a damn tease to check see all these dudes working what their dads gave them for the month and then ditching their swag looks. Also, I hate shaving any and all parts of my body and feel as though women should be encouraged to join Movember by offering to not shave their legs, pits, Ladytown, or face. I also feel we should be encouraged to burn our bras for charity but that is because the bra I am wearing today is unfitting. Not because, you know, feminism.

Still, if I am not allowed to chalk up my poor grooming habits to a sense of humorous altruism, I am glad Van Lokey (also the best name of all time) found a way to make Movember accessible for broads. It also helps that the photos she takes are beyond captivating. She says none of the photos are based on actual people, but I swear to god I did a double take at one I was 75% sure was Ernest Hemingway.

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