17 Celebs Who Worked as Extras with Names Like “Snotty Girl #2” Before Becoming Famous

The best part of watching the closing credits to a movie roll by is easily catching the hilariously broad titles given to the walk-ons and extras. From the myriad variations on "Bikini Girl" in a Michael Bay movie, to the "Girl on Sinking Boat" in a Nicholas Sparks film, these roles basically turn actors into human floor lamps with a couple lines. Then again, you can always go from "Uncredited Mascot" to Katniss Everdeen overnight in this crazy town. These 17 celebs worked as extras and walk-ons and broke out of the "Boy on The Beach" or "McDonald's Customer" box. Hey, everyone's gotta start somewhere.

George Clooney

Mr. Amal Alamuddin had a small role as the ”Lip Syncing Transvestite” in the 1992 film The Harvest. Now, if only we could get a clip of this.

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Jon Hamm

Before Don Draper inspired conflicted feelings of lust and disdain in so many hearts, Jon Hamm was just a regular old “Gorgeous guy at bar” in an Ally McBeal episode. Well played, casting directors. Well played.

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Megan Mullally

Maybe not so funny, but totally CRAZY news: Mullally was a “Call Girl” in Risky Business when she was first starting out.

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Steve Carell

In the 1998 film Homegrown starring Billy Bob Thornton, Carell played the uncredited role of ”Party Extra with Funny Pants.”

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Cameron Diaz

This is not a drill. Diaz played “Random Celebrity” in the 1999 movie Man, Woman, Film. If she appeared on a reality show, it would also work as the caption under her name.

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Jeff Goldblum

In his first IMDb-credited role, Goldblum played “Freak #1” in the ’70s B-thriller Death Wish. Hey, at least he was the first freak.

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Selma Blair

In the short film The Broccoli Theory, Blair played the “Pretzel Cart Lesbian.” Additionally, she played “Drugged Woman” in the 1997 film Arresting Gena. Scene-stealers.

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Megan Fox

Fox’s first role was as an extra in Bad Boys II. Although she was uncredited, the role has been coloquially christened ”bikini girl dancing under waterfall.” And so, another actress escapes the anonymous legion of “bikini girls.”

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Kristen Stewart

Bella Swan was once nothing more than “Girl in the Fountain Line” in the TV movie Thirteenth Year. By resisting the urge to look at the camera, she knocked this role out of the park.

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Ben Affleck

He played “Basketball Player #10” in a 1992 episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. At one point, there were nine nameless basketball players more important than Ben Affleck.

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Brad Pitt

One of Pitt’s first gigs was the uncredited role of “Partygoer/Preppie Guy at Fight” in Less Than Zero. He became so much more than an anonymous kid in boat shoes.

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Taylor Lautner

Lautner’s riveting performance as “Boy on the Beach” in an episode of Summerland somehow eluded the attention of the critics, but I’m praising his performance in retrospect as scene-stealing yet understated.

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Ashley Greene

The Twilight actress is credited as “McDonald’s Customer” in King of California . Hopefully, she got a free McGriddle out of this gig.

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Olivia Munn

Munn played “Asian Mob Girl” in

2005 flick

The Road To Canyon Lake. Let’s just speak only in stereotypes, shall we?

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Shailene Woodley

Back in 2004 Woodley played “Snotty Girl #2” on an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond. The fact that “Snotty Girl #2” would never understand clay toothpaste or vagina tanning is a testament to Woodley’s acting skills.

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Hayden Panettiere

In the 1999 screen adaptation of the Nicholas Sparks novel Message in a Bottle, Panettiere plays “girl on sinking boat.”

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Jennifer Lawrence

Last, but certainly not least, we have J. Law herself. Playing the “Mascot” in a 2006 episode of Monk was Lawrence’s first role ever. She crushed it.

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