Dave & Buster's Tweeted What?!

In what is, sadly, a continuous installment: Our latest offender in big brands posting offensive Tweets goes to Dave & Buster's. It's Taco Tuesday over at Dave & Buster's, so how should the restaurant advertise to get people to come and eat their bastardized version of one of the most delicious foods known to man?

D&B Employee: "Hmmm. Should we post a picture of our tacos?"

D&B Social Media Person: "No, they don't actually look that good. Have you ever had them? They're absolutely disgusting."

D&B Employee: "Should we just say it's Taco Tuesday? No, that's not spicy enough, get it? Hahaha."

D&B Social Media Person: "Wow! I get it, because Mexican food is spicy! Let's keep this BORDERline racist stuff going. OOH OOH, I'VE GOT ONE."

And then they settled on this:

"I hate tacos" said no Juan ever #TacoTuesday #DaveandBusters"

The tweet stayed up for 41 minutes before someone realized, or at least the litany of angry tweets made them realize, that they made a horrible, awful mistake. Seriously, how does this keep happening? Can we please make it a universal requirement of social media managers to not be racist?

As expected, the restaurant issued an apology shortly after it took the original tweet down.

Unrelated: Dave & Buster's, along with a social media guru who isn't incredibly insensitive, could you please hire a copy editor? Punctuation is important.

Unsurprisingly, the quick-fire apology hasn't stemmed the flow of angry tweets.

Happy Taco Tuesday, Dave & Buster's.

Images: Screenshot/AdWeek