Skip Work And See 'Mockingjay' With These Excuses

The time has come my friends. We are so close to the premiere of Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 you can smell the rebellion in the air. That is rebellion, right? Not street meat trucks? Either way, it is a very exciting time of year — as the annual Hunger Games franchise movies have almost replaced the holiday season for me — at the very least, they are an added holiday gift. We've already compiled a list of eight things Hunger Games fans should bring to the theater to see Mockingjay , and while you're packing your loaves of bread you might realize... "Oh wait, I have work today," (assuming you go opening day, because why wouldn't you go opening day?). So to help a fellow Hunger Games friend out, I've come up with 14 excuses to use to get out of work and go see Mockingjay.

Is Mockingjay worth possibly losing your job over? While I don't want to be the person responsible for saying "yes," I'm going to say "yes." Yes, of course it is. But with these very believable excuses you won't even need to worry about losing your job, as no boss in all of boss land will see through these excuses.

Please elaborate on them as you see fit, but just make sure you see Mockingjay ASAP.

1. The Polar Vortex

This one doesn't need any explanation. Just email your boss: "Can't come to work. Polar Vortex," and then take a quick jog to the nearest movie theater and order up a big bag of popcorn.

2. You Have To Support The Rebellion

Just put up the girl scout fingers and walk slowly out of your bosses office.

3. The Earth's Magnetic Pull Dragged You To The Theater

You literally couldn't help yourself.

4. Guinness World Records

This one you need to get started with like yesterday, but start a marathon of re-watching the first two Hunger Games movies and don't stop until you've seen Mockingjay. Your excuse? Doin' it for the books: The most hours spent watching Hunger Games.

5. You're locked inside your house

And you just can't figure out how to get out and get to the office.

6. You're — cough — sick

Worked for Karen.

7. Your Cat Is Going Through A Break Up

It's called being there for EMOTIONAL SUPPORT.

8. You Think You're Becoming Spiderman

You saw a spider last night, you can't find it in the corner. You once read an article that you eat eight spiders a year, but this time you think it bit you and WHY CAN'T I GET THESE NOISES OUT OF MY HEAD. (This could lead to other issues, but worth it.)

9. Your sister was kidnapped in Paris, and you need to go save her using your ex-CIA skills

Oh, I'm sorry. Is Liam Neeson the only one who can have family drama?

10. Jennifer Would Want You To

You really want to come to work, but Jennifer Lawrence would be disappointed, and you just can't live with that on your shoulders.

11 - 14. Josh Hutcherson/ Liam Hemsworth/ Woody Harrelson/ Elizabeth Banks Would Want You To

Again, you couldn't live with that type of guilt, and no boss wants to be apart of that type of drama with this many national treasures.

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