19 Things That Are Absolutely Worth Buying on Black Friday

Ah, yes, Black Friday is nearly upon us, and we know what that means. Doorbusters. Sales before 3 a.m. Lines and lines and more lines stretching the length of the store — and wrapping around it three times. Mobs. Tears. Shrieks. And it all goes down just hours after we gather 'round the table giving thanks and peacefully recalling the past year. The best Black Friday deals are at your fingertips.

Black Friday is the kind of pseudo-holiday that you either love ... or you hate. For most of us, we love the chance to score some serious deals on big-ticket buys ahead of the holidays, even if that means waiting outside in a line of 450 grumpy, grouchy shoppers. But for those of us who swear up and down we'll never set foot in a line after 2 a.m., we dread Black Friday like the plague because it's overwhelming. What do you shop for when everything you want is on sale? How do you know you're getting a good deal? Which sales are worth standing in line for?

Fret not, shoppers. We rounded up all the gifts and goodies worth waking up early for. These are deals that make Black Friday the national "holiday" no one asked for, but everyone wanted.

On your mark, set ... go!

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by Kylie McConville

A warm coat

Whether you’re into real or faux leather, there’s no denying coats will run you up a pretty penny. Unfortunately, we all need one. Toss this chic “Hemy” Leather Sleeve Asymmetrical Long Coat on your list for a cozy, comfortable, and warm winter.

Image: Nordstrom

That camera your SO's been pining over

True life: Two years ago I bought my boyfriend the camera he’d been obsessing over on Black Friday, and I’m so happy I did. Sure, it was a pain to wait in line and deal with grumpy, overtired shoppers, but the fact that I saved big was worth it — both for me and for my wallet.

I’m pretty sure the Canon PowerShot G16 will end up on someone’s list this year – so make sure you grab it while the price is right.

Image: Canon

Living room furniture

The hand-me-down you nabbed from Uncle Clark before moving into your first apartment might’ve been cute for the first six weeks you were there, but after three years, it’s time to graduate to something a little more, uh, comfortable.

We’re kinda loving the Chloe Velvet Tufted Sofa in slate. It’s the perfect piece for a cozy room.

Image: Macy’s

Headphones that last

If there was ever a splurge worth making for your cute-but-annoying cousin on the holidays, these swanky Beats by Dre headphones would be it. Hell, if the price is good, get one for yourself, too.

Image: Best Buy

Glamorous earrings

It isn’t every day that you break your budget in half for a really gorgeous, really expensive pair of dangly duds. But this year, we’re pretty sure you should make an exception to that rule.

These stunning Jennifer Meyer turquoise and gold long bar stud earrings would bring kings to their knees. And you’ve more than earned a pair. Buy em; we won’t tell.

Image: Barney’s

A super-sized flat screen

It’s the 21st century, okay? So the only thing missing from your cozy little corner apartment nook is you, a bowl of popcorn, and a Scandal marathon. So do like Olivia Pope does, and take advantage of this Samsung 55-inch flat screen TV. It’s handled, okay?

Image: Best Buy

Bedding that doesn't belong to a preteen

Your hearts-and-stars sheets have no place in your grown-up apartment. So do like the big kids do, and get yourself some bedding that’s age-appropriate and comfortable. Like this Royal Velvet Ogee Bedspread.

Now, you can snuggle your Tigger and Pooh stuffed animals in peace.

Image: JCPenney

A state-of-the-art coffee maker

Brew the perfect cup every single time. No matter if you’re putting on a pot for a few hungry brunch guests or just getting your midday fix, the flawless Keurig 2.0 K500 Coffee Maker Brewing System with Carafe is all you need.

Image: Target

Well-made wallet

Raise your hand if you go through wallets faster than pizza after a few drinks. Okay, good, now that we’ve all got our hands raised, we can agree that this year it’s worth spending all that cash on just one well-made wallet, instead of dozens.

And you can’t go wrong with this Jet Set Leather Travel Tech Continental Wallet from Michael Kors. It’s big enough to travel with, but also convenient enough to use at home.

Image: Lord and Taylor

An all-in-one printer

You can officially stop sneaking off to the printer at work to print off everything you need for your apartment (and your upcoming job interviews). Instead, just buy this all-in one printer, the HP Envy 5530, to take care of all your printing needs. Bonus: You can even print photos.

Image: Sears

An office tote

Solo’s Executive Carryall comfortably fits everything you need for a trip to the office, a business brunch with your colleagues, and a late-night drink with a potential client.

It’s the kind of bag that commuters dream of and fashionistas love.

Image: Solo

Blu-ray Disc Player

Never, ever see a movie in theaters again. And why would you want to? After getting your hands on this crystal-clear Sony Blu-ray Disc Player with Wi-Fi and 3D, nothing will ever be more fun than taking in the latest flick right from your couch, glass of wine in hand.

Image: Target

Luxe booties

It’s worth waiting all year long for the perfect pair of booties, like these show-stopping Harlow Booties from Rag & Bone, you’ve been eyeing all fall.

Image: Rag & Bone

Leather travel gear

These are perfect gifts for the men in your life. Leather-made goods that you can monogram (free with your purchase!) for all their travel gear. Shop the leather travel pouches from Mark & Graham in tons of colors, sizes, and styles.

Image: Mark & Graham

State-of-the-art GPS

Mom could use a GPS that’s as easy to navigate as it is to turn on. The Garmin deal 760LMT GPS features customized routing that helps you find rest stops, truck stops, service stations, tire repairs, weight stations, and tons more.

Image: Best Buy

A crock pot

Kiss your winter meal time blues goodbye. This seven-quart crock pot countdown slow cooker takes care of the work for you, so all you need to do is toss the ingredients in, head to work, and come home and eat.

Image: Kohl’s

Surround sound home theater

You’re gonna need a little something extra to go along with that Blu-ray player you just picked up. To complete the home movie theater of your dreams, you need this Bose CineMate GS Digital Home System. Forget watching the movie, you’ll feel like you’re right there in it.

Accessories ... for him

Has your SO, brother, or dad been recycling the same six ties for the past 12 years? (You don’t have to say yes; we already know what the answer is.) Black Friday is the perfect time to scoop some high-end ties to spruce up his collection and add a pop of color to the mix, like this Tallia Orange Silk Neat Tie.

Image: Lord and Taylor

Made-to-last cookware

You can finally — and proudly! — get rid of those mismatched pots, pans, and lids you’ve been using for the last decade. (But if you’re going to toss them, try donating them first.) A set like this Rachael Ray 14-piece nonstick cookware will last you through the ages, and on Black Friday, you’ll get a great deal.

Image: Kohl’s