11 Last Minute Thanksgiving Recipes That'll Taste Like You Had Everything Under Control

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Turkey is the diva of your Thanksgiving table. It may not look like much, but this little bird is more demanding than Beyoncé on a world tour. It needs to be thawed, brined, and basted — and if you pull it out of the oven five degrees too late? May the poultry gods have mercy on your soul. Here’s the thing: By the time you finally get that bird onto a serving plate, you’ve forgotten the most important part of all — your Thanksgiving sides.

Never fear, procrastinators. With a little creativity, it’s still not too late to get some magnificent side dishes on the table. Whether you’re an hour out or five minutes to dinnertime, we rounded up the perfect supporting cast, from bacon-wrapped asparagus to polenta chips and a stunning citrus salad. Thanksgiving isn’t a competition — but if it were, you’d totally dominate. Here’s to that holiday spirit.

Image: My Name Is Yeh

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