Altuzarra's Red Lip/White Shadow Combo: Fashion Week Makeup That's Actually Wearable and Pretty

Fashion Week! No one can wait for it to arrive, and once the sleep deprivation/hysteria sets in, no one can wait for it to be over. Considering I'm writing this after a full seven (eight? I've lost count) days of shows, you can bet that I'm sufficiently delirious. I thought to myself that this (10 PM at the time of writing), of course, would be the perfect time to test makeup looks from the shows!

As I write, I'm currently sporting a v. red lipstick created by [redacted... by me] that is erring on neon, and I don't advise you try it.

I do, however, advise you try the following look from Altuzarra.

Joan Smalls, why are you so pretty?

Clearly this looks great on every skin tone, and it isn't a wacky, tricky, only-works-on-the-runway kind of look. After doing your own skin perfecting thang, you only need three more products. And I bet you have two of them already:

1. Red lipstick (not the neon kind)

2. Black mascara

and the third thing that I hadn't thought of before:

3. White eyeshadow

Fortunately for me, Maybelline was passing out jars of Color Tattoo in 05 Too Cool after Michael Kors on Wednesday, and yes, it might be slightly too cool for what we're doing here, as it's kind of shiny and silver, (but mostly white.)

As I'd rather not have you leaving the house in to-the-brow metallics, I recommend you go matte if picking up your own shade. I didn't have another white shadow to try it with, because, who'da thunk to go white? But in the interim, thanks, Maybelline!

Proof this works on mere mortals:

The reason you can hardly see the eyeshadow on me is because I really am that pale. Love you, sunscreen!

So really it's as easy as this:

1. Apply red lipstick.

2. Curl lashes. Apply white eyeshadow on the lid and up to the brow. I used my finger so no color fell onto my cheekbones (don't you hate when that happens?!)

3. Very sparingly apply black mascara, basically just to get rid of the white on your lashes from step 2.

4. Practice your walk and smolder like Smalls.

That last step is optional, but I highly recommend.