This Bentley Phone Will Set You Back $16,700

The holiday season is upon us, and like many people, you may be wondering: Hmm, what am I going to do with these burdensome tens of thousands of dollars just sitting in my bank account? You could donate it to charity, or buy wonderful gifts for your friends and family, but that's so last year, amirite? Well, thanks to luxury car company Bentley and luxury phone company Vertu, you needn't despair much longer, because you can now buy a Vertu for Bentley phone for a mere $16,700. That's right — while you're out shopping for a new monogrammed helicopter or deciding which color you want that yacht in, you can be texting the bae on your Bentley phone — which is covered in Newmarket Tan quilted calf leather, natch.

But wait, there's more. Since you obviously also own a Bentley, your new gadget also comes with remote features for your car, recommended driving routes and dealership info. Pair that with a 13 megapixel camera, 4.7 inch display, wireless charging and 4G LTE, you can't ask for much more in your fancy shmancy future phone. Beyoncé wishes she had this phone, which means you have something over Beyoncé and who doesn't have that in their list of life aspirations?

You may be thinking, "Where's the catch?" Well, they're only making 2,000 of them. So, you better hope you can get that money out of your Swiss bank account and hustle over to the nearest computer to buy one of these babies.

I'm gonna level with you though. Outside of being made of some fancy material and happening to pair with the Bentley's computer system, I have absolutely no goddamn clue why this phone is so freakin' expensive. Like none, whatsoever.

It's not like Vertu is onto some technology that everyone else isn't. Granted, having a Vertu phone can get you into some really fancy clubs, a seat at fashion shows, a personal shopper, Wi-Fi basically everywhere, and a general sense of superiority. But, $16,700 is a whole lot of money for a phone that counts being covered in some really nice leather as one of its main perks.

The sad reality is that people are totally gonna buy it. But, I do feel another valid fact worth mentioning is that six of these phones could pay off my student loans. So if you're swimming in that kind money and don't think the Bentley phone is right for you this holiday season, hit a sister up.

Images: Screenshot (2), Tumblr (3)