This Is What Surfing During A Blizzard Looks Like

There's always one joker who has to do something ridiculous when disaster strikes, supposedly in the name of an adrenaline rush. I just call it "being annoying" but to each their own. These two people who call themselves "WNY Expeditioners" decided to be those annoying people, and go surfing during Buffalo, New York's blizzard. Forget that a state of emergency has been called in some areas: these broheims have just gotta get on that sick swell, dude. In the middle of the terrifying snowstorm, the pair filmed themselves surfing the waves at Lake Erie in Sunset Bay, New York.

I am clearly not impressed. But hey, maybe you are. You might be thinking, look at these brave adventurous souls! Look at their resilience and sense of wonder at this crazy world! Look at them thumbing it to Mother Nature and her cruel, merciless moods! Good! Good for you. You probably enjoy danger sports and shows like Survivor. But in my opinion, no rationally minded person ever thought, in the middle of a history-making snowstorm, that it would be a good idea to go surfing. Ergo, these people are not of a rational mind. Watch the idiocy/bravery (however you want to paint it) below.

Image: YouTube