CT Posts Tribute to Diem Brown on Instagram & It Shows Their Strong Bond — PHOTO

Just a short five days ago, MTV reality star Diem Brown died at 32 years old after her long battle with cancer. Ever since the sad news, Brown's longtime fans and supporters, in addition to her fellow Challenge co-stars, have been sharing kind and sweet words about the woman who was such a positive influence and inspiration for those also battling the horrific disease. One person who remained quiet was Brown's friend, supporter, and on-again, off-again boyfriend, Chris "CT" Tamburello. Well, on Tuesday CT opened up about Diem's death on social media, expressing his love for Brown through a touching post on Instagram. He wrote,

As CT says, despite all of their hardships, these two remained a bright light in each other's lives. No matter the bad, the duo continued to be good friends with CT staying by her side through her hard times. He truly loved and cared for this beautiful and strong lady, and his sweet words are a meaningful way to honor the woman he will always adore.