31 Times Beyonce Convinced Us She Was Her Own Wax Sculpture

LOS ANGELES, CA - FEBRUARY 10: Singer Beyonce attends the 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards at STAPLES Center on February 10, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for NARAS)
Source: Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Beyoncé is an exemplary stander. That's no secret. Seeing her on any red carpet with her chest puffed out, her shoulders back, and her chin perfectly parallel to the ground, you can't ignore Beyoncé's perfect posture. If only you hadn't spurned your mother's directives to sit up straight all those years, maybe you too could've woken up like this. 

Because Beyoncé's body control is unparalleled, let's take a look back at 31 times she had such perfect posture she could've been confused for her own wax sculpture.

Perfect Posture #1

Welcome to Beyoncé’s school for girls, where you’ll learn to stand like a winner. 

Perfect Posture #2

By the time she’s done with your spine, you’ll be able to run a relay race with a stack of books balancing on your head. 

Perfect Posture #3

Chin up, shoulders back, ready for a glam attack. 

Perfect Posture #4

Puff your chest out like a proud peacock. 

Perfect Posture #5

Feel free to lean a little for dramatic effect.

Perfect Posture #6

Your goal: make the world your rotating platform. 

Perfect Posture #7

I am Queen Bey. Slouching is not in my vocabulary. 

Perfect Posture #8

Goddess stance on stun. 

Perfect Posture #9

Even when dressed down, she resists the urge to slump. 

Perfect Posture #10

Momma raised her right….

Perfect Posture #11

You deserve credit for this, Tina Knowles! 

Perfect Posture #12

Having the body language of an ancient Greek statue doesn’t hurt. 

Perfect Posture #13

Plus, her hands rarely leave her hips. 

Perfect Posture #14

Except to rest momentarily on her thighs…

Perfect Posture #15

Like so.

Perfect Posture #16

or so. 

Perfect Posture #17

She will also break her “hands on hips” rule to hold a Grammy….

Perfect Posture #18

Or five. 

Perfect Posture #19

No scoliosis for THIS Queen. 

Perfect Posture #20

This is Blue Ivy’s blessing and curse: a mother who will be constantly correcting her posture. 

Perfect Posture #21

Somebody make this woman into a wooden carving and attach her to the bow of a ship. 

Perfect Posture #22

Posture this good SCREAMS pageant background. 

Perfect Posture #23

Lookin’ a little catalogue, but still serving editorial confidence. 

Perfect Posture #24

Workin’ perfect pregnancy posture. 

Perfect Posture #25

Her high school superlative was obviously related to this her posing abilities. 

Perfect Posture #26

This is how a human supernova carries herself.

Perfect Posture #27

Not even an horrific outfit can detract from her spinal superiority. 

Perfect Posture #28

Beyoncé when she sees people with slopey backs. 

Perfect Posture #29

Zeus is her chiropractor. 

Perfect Posture #30

Odds are she sleeps delicately on her back, as not to disturb the perfect alignment of her vertebrae. 

Perfect Posture #31

That’s some advanced standing right there.