Everything We Know About MAC x Giambattista Valli

Winter isn't even here yet but you are going to be yearning for the fresh-cut blooms and bouquets of spring once you see the soft, floral-hued MAC lipsticks by Giambattista Valli. The makeup brand's designer collabs are the stuff of legend, like the upcoming MAC x Prabal Gurung pairing. The products are usually works of art, too, and judging from the photo of MAC x Valli shades, this pairing will follow suit. Who else is shaking and crying with excitement?

Valli, known for his use and love of florals, which you can see in the Valli frock Lena Dunham wore to the 2014 Met Gala, is celebrating 10 years of his fashion house and this five color collection will land on MAC counters next summer. BOOM! I just heard the sound of your heart hitting the floor with a thud. Yes, it means approximately six months of waiting before you can paint your pout and blow air kisses with these. But it'll be worth it. For now, commence gawking at the photo.

"I'm very well known for dresses, no? And I thought it was very nice, the idea of dressing your lips," the designer told Vogue about these lovely lippies, the outer casing of which matches the hue of the bullet inside.

There is a reason that he opted to work with MAC, since a collaboration like this can lead to some headaches. Creative types like their space and require a partner who is committed seeing their vision through to completion. With MAC, Valli got that.

He said, "For a creative person, collaborating can be frustrating because you feel that you're limited or stuck within someone else's ideas, but with MAC it was 100 percent freedom and 100 percent support just to make my idea become a reality, to pull out my flowers and my sense and my emotion and put it into the color."

Flowers aren't the only things to inform these shades. Valli sent a single cherry to the creative team, which replicated the color in lipstick form.

Is your mind blown yet?

The shades are of mandarin, pale pink, peony, rose, and plum hues and I will take one of each.

Valli also told Vogue that "I made these for a woman with personality, a woman who lives her life and isn't afraid to wear color and isn't afraid to kiss!”

Can I get a "Mwah"?!

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