Michael Phelps' Reported Girlfriend Bravely Reveals She Was Born Intersex

Many people didn't even know that Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps had a girlfriend. In a recent Facebook post, the reported girlfriend of the Olympic swimmer, Taylor Lianne Chandler, revealed she was born intersex and assigned male at birth, given the name David Roy Fitch. Since then, Chandler wrote on her Facebook page, she's been on a journey to become her true self, taking testosterone blockers and estrogen enhancers and undergoing corrective surgery.

Chandler writes that exposing this truth about herself could come at the expense of her relationship with Phelps, which she describes as a "teenage love affair," but didn't want to hide behind it anymore either. And for that we commend her — it's never easy to admit something knowing full well that society might not accept you for it.

In Chandler's own words:

Some outlets are describing Chandler as being "born a man," which is inaccurate; in the Facebook post, Chandler describes herself as being aware she was a woman from birth.

Images: Taylor Lianne Chandler/Facebook