Hillary Clinton May Have a Scandal on Her Hands

According to new reports from Politico, a federal investigation has turned up links between Hillary Clinton's campaign and an ongoing scandal involving Washington D.C.'s Mayor Vincent Gray.

The investigation was related to allegations that businessman Jeff Thompson funneled money to a secret fund supporting the election of Vincent Gray. On Wednesday, Troy White, another businessman embroiled in the controversy, plead guilty to misdemeanor tax charges.

According to court documents, White improperly helped a campaign, but instead of a mayor's race, it was a presidential one.

Although the documents do not name the Clinton campaign, sources tell Politico that the presidential campaign referred to in the court documents is in fact Clinton's 2008 bid for the White House. One of the unnamed individuals in the court documents, who is implicated in the improper actions, was identified by the Washington Post as former Clinton adviser Minyon Moore.

The campaign has been cooperating with the federal investigation and Clinton's 2008 campaign lawyer Lyn Utrecht issued a statement to the Associated Press:

Hillary Clinton for President has cooperated fully in the matter involving Troy White. As the court document filed in this matter clearly states, the Committee turned down Mr. White’s services. The Committee will not have any further comment in an ongoing investigation.

According to court filings, the campaign later accepted offers of inappropriate help. If the unnamed campaign is in fact Clinton's, it appears Moore took White up on continuing offers to help with the campaign, which involved connecting White with Jeff Thompson in order to provide funding for "street teams." The documents say that a campaign worker, believed to be Moore, provided White with confidential information about Clinton's campaign, and that Thompson sent White's company more than $600,000 from Belle International, a firm owned by one of his friends.