30 Gifts For Unapologetic Geeks Because the Future is Today

It’s hard to shop for the technologically savvy. After all, they already know all about the coolest new gadget or Internet of Things device, long before most of us have fully understood what the Internet of Things even is.

Not to worry though, from space invader coffee cups to drones that will sync with their smartphone, these geeky holiday gifts are sure to surprise and delight even the geekiest among us. So, no matter your budget or even your particular tech expertise, here are 30 gifts and gadgets for every millennial on your list.

Written by Tracey Wallace

Image: donhomer/Flickr

Connected Lightbulbs

Finally, we’re shedding some light on all those who are afraid of the dark, and no, we aren’t talking about night lights. Thanks to GE’s smart light bulbs that connect to a downloadable app (Wink, to be specific), your recipient can control her home’s lighting situation from afar, or just from the couch if she’s not in the mood to move much.

Connected Lightbulbs, $15

Smart Piggy Bank

Porkfolio transmits the amount a user collects to a downloadable app to keep tabs on all loose currency. Plus, his nose lights up when you insert coins, making this almost as exciting as your bi-monthly direct deposit notice.

Smart Piggy Bank, $50

Robot Salt and Pepper Shakers

Never pass the salt and pepper shakers again! These little wind up robots will do all the walking for you. Is it a precursor to a robot-overrun future or just an excuse to play with toys at the dinner table? You tell us.

Robot Salt and Pepper Shakers, $20

Computer Keyboard Mat

Most of us spend an increasingly and semi-frightening amount of time at a keyboard. So much so, QWERTY has become pronounceable, and no one even cares that there is no U after the Q. So, the best way to welcome the modern world in a humble abode? With a keyboard entry, of course. After all, it’s how we open dialogue in every other aspect of our lives.

Computer Keyboard Mat, $32

Lab Cocktail Set

There’s no reason alcohol and science can’t mix. I mean, alcohol mixes with anything (Except driving. Come on, y’all, be smart out there!). This set is the perfect scientific excuse to try out a new concoction and still get that high school chemistry class feel.

Lab Cocktail Set, $45

Walnut Bookend Lamp

Looking for a light bulb idea? Your recipient will find it in a book. These bookends serve as a reminder to pull an Albert Einstein and go after one’s dreams. After all, thanks to electricity, there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel. Probably throughout the tunnel, too.

Walnut Bookend Lamp, $119

Battery Buddy

What’s the one thing in the world people need more often than a best friend? Answer: an extra charge for their phone.

Battery Buddy, $50

Personal Planetarium

A reminder to your recipient:

“You’re spinning on a merry-go-round at no cost. It’s whirling around a star that has hitched a ride on a galaxy moving so fast in the universe you can’t even feel it. So listen to Auntie Eeee, doll. Whatever went wrong yesterday? You’ve already moved on.” - E. Jean

Personal Planetarium, $130

Smartphone Projector

No matter your recipient’s smartphone preference, one thing is for sure: We’ve all wanted to show a larger than just a “let’s huddle around my phone real quick to watch this video” group something really cool, and there’s no computer to be found. This smartphone projector is the ideal solution to just that conundrum.

Smartphone Projector, $28

World's Smallest Walkie Talkie

Then again, who needs smartphones? This is for the recipient who wants to channel her childhood, or just use these to take a really cool #TBT pic, with these extra tiny, fully functional walkie-talkies.

World’s Smallest Walkie Talkie, $15 for set of 2

USB Typewriter

All right, so typewriters were before our time, even for the oldest of us in the digitally connected generations. That said, there’s no reason our modern day tech, and the tech our parents learned to type on, can’t be friends. This typewriter uses USB to connect to a computer or tablet, and works just like a keyboard. Sorry, mousepad not included.

USB Typewriter, $850

Pro Phone Lenses

Filters made all of us semi-professional photographers (Shh, don’t tell the professional photographers I said that). Your recipient will love pulling out these cell phone lenses at just the right moment. After all, the angle of a captured memory really helps to make that memory last.

Pro Phone Lenses, $20 - 115

Lenovo Yoga

If only yoga worked as well for me as it did for this Lenovo tablet, I’d be one flexible, seriously focused human being, all of which is exactly what this tablet is (sans the human being part).

Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro, $1299.99, Lenovo.com

Editor’s note: Microsoft is the sponsor of this article.

Tory Burch Fitbit Pendant

Wearable tech has had a hard run trying to befriend the fashion-savvy crowd. That said, though, some designers have taken it upon themselves to make wearables not just useful, but seriously cool. Tory Burch’s Fitbit Pendant will report back fitness activity and maybe help your recipient to win an office contest on the most active employee.

Tory Burch Fitbit Pendant, $175 for the pendant

Lipstick Phone Charger

In exactly the same way that lipstick can bring new life to a person’s look, this lipstick-inspired phone charger will bring new life to their phone. It’s nice when form meets function, isn’t it?

Lipstick Phone Charger, $58

Ringly, The Smart Ring

A smart ring that’ll let your recipient disconnect from her phone without missing a beat, Ringly connects to a downloadable app and alerts her to important messages, emails and the like so that you can focus on, you know, perfecting her old school Mario skills.

Ringly, The Smart Ring, $195 - 260

Clutch Speaker

Why, yes, this is a Bluetooth enabled speaker that doubles as a clutch. Within it, your recipient can fit your essentials, like credit card, ID, and chapstick.

Clutch Speaker, $150

Smart Basketball

For the girl who’s going to venture out of her geeky ways and learn how to play a sport, why in the world would she do it without all of her geeky gadgets? It just makes sense to collect, analyze and then improve upon playing data, and this basketball fit the bill.

Smart Basketball, $200

Magic Wand Remote Control

Because the closest any of us is going to get to Hermoine is pointing a wand at the TV and magically changing the channel. You’re welcome.

Magic Wand Remote Control, $90

Evolution of the Nintendo Remote Control

Times have certainly changed, and many of us were lucky enough to train our fingers and brains to use every single new Nintendo remote adaptation they came out with. Your recipient can memorialize her struggles and frustrations that ultimately result is 90s nostalgia with this art piece.

Evolution of the Nintendo Remote Control, $80

Space Invaders Coffee Mug

Pay tribute to your recipients former arcade glory days with this Space Invaders coffee mug.

Space Invaders Coffee Mug, $13

3D Printer

No self-proclaimed geek can go any longer without a personal 3D printer. This is for the girl who wants to print out a plastic mold of friends or just use the fact that she owns this new tech to impress friends and flirt with strangers.

3D Printer, $450


Drone laws are still a bit iffy in some places, so be sure to check up on your state’s local policies before diving in headfirst. If its a go, then this drone is the perfect new play toy for your recipient’s collection. It can be used to take photos, videos and more, and to connect the drone to a phone for optimal sharing capabilities.

Drone, $1370

3D Printing Pen

This gift is for when a regular 3D printer isn’t up your friend’s alley, or she has better ideas for molds than all of those that the Internet can provide. It’s what Picasso would have done, and you can quote me on that.

3D Printing Pen, $60 - 140

Circuit Board Necklace

This circuit board necklace, which is totally customizable and comes in 8 different colors, is so much better than a gold chain or a good-luck elephant.

Circuit Board Necklace, $21

Nerd Couple Coffee Mugs

For all the couples out there living their nerded-out lives without shame, these coffee mugs are a must.

Nerd Couple Coffee Mugs, $25

Nintendo Bow Tie

Bow ties serve at least 15 different functions, most of which have to do with appearing dapper. This tie, though, takes a fashion functionality and turns it into an old-school classic: video game style. Fair word of warning to your recipient who wears this — expect a high volume of compliments.

Nintendo Bowtie, $25

Use the Force ... to Chop

This 5-knife X-Wing configuration will take your kitchen to the dark side. Enough said.

Use the Force … to Chop, $100

IT Support T-Shirt

Kim Kardashian may have tried to break the internet, but she isn’t the only one, and every single IT human being out there knows this to be painfully true. This shirt, though, makes it all worthwhile.

IT Support T-Shirt, $20

Power-up Heart Pint Glasses

In the old days, I had Princess Peach doing all kinds of maneuvers to catch all those floating hearts so I could replenish my game-playing ability. These days, these pint glasses will do the same thing, just maybe with an IPA rather than a digitally-enhanced power up.

Power-up Heart Pint Glasses, $20 for set of 4